How we Work

Our HR solutions are tailored to your needs and adapted to accommodate to the changes in your business. We monitor and review arrangements to ensure we offer the solution that best reflects your needs. We won’t tie you into a fixed cost for a minimum period. We apply a flexible charging approach which can change to fit your business plans.

 Getting to know you

We get to know your organisation so we can understand the major issues you have as employers. Often working directly with business owners, we draw on our specialist knowledge to help identify effectively what you need from an HR point of view. We are not looking to tie you into lengthy contracts, as we are here for you over the long term, increasing the support we offer if needs be to suit your growing organisation.

Commercially focused

We are tuned into the entrepreneur’s mindset, and rather than following the most risk-averse route, we give commercially focused advice and support. We help you reach your business goals by getting to know your organisation and bringing our HR experience to bear on the issues that you have. Our service is very flexible, with options for retained or ad-hoc support, given remotely or onsite, in order to fit with your business requirements.

Prevention is better than cure

With our proactive approach to managing staff, we can help you cultivate a healthy work environment, where everyone feels valued and motivated to do well, impacting positively on your bottom line. We help you achieve clarity through clear documentation, good communication and powerful strategy to bring your employees’ goals in line with your organisation. We recommend working with us before problems become serious, so they can be averted, saving you time and expense in the long run.

Protecting your business interests

When problems do arise with your employees, we can help you resolve them in an efficient, fair and legally sound way. We skillfully help you deal with issues such as absenteeism and poor performance, resolving problems early where possible. When an employee raises a complaint, we can support you in managing the process, and if their position becomes unworkable, we can manage them out of the business while minimising the risk and expense to your business.

Legal expertise, seamless service

All our advice is underpinned by a deep knowledge of the latest developments in employment law, thanks to our relationship with sister company, Loch Employment Law. If you need a lawyer at any point, we can brief our colleagues there about the issues to ensure a streamlined and cost effective handover to their employment lawyers can take place.