Associates Services

Dedicated professionals with a wealth of experience

As part of our comprehensive service, we work with a range of businesses to provide services to assist you in the management of your staff. We have developed partner arrangements with suppliers who are experts in their field and deliver a high-quality service in the following areas:



Associates Services

Employment Practices Insurance

If you prefer to have the peace of mind of insurance to cover legal costs if situations do go wrong, you may benefit from this service. All our clients will benefit from improved insurance terms (usually in the form of a lower excess). You also benefit because the legal support required under the policy will be managed by Loch Emloyment Law providing seamless support to you.

Background checks for new employees

Taking the time to vet potential employees can save your company from problems down the line. We can refer you to a trusted firm that carries out checks quickly and efficiently, to help you make the right choices when hiring staff.

Payroll Services

Outsource your payroll to our partner who can design your payroll process from start to finish and keep you compliant. They will produce your payslips, file your returns with HMRC and provide any reports you need. All you have to do is supply salaries / rates of pay and hours worked.

Health care benefits

It makes sense to promote and protect the health of your employees, for the good health of your business. From basic medical insurance to dental cover and more proactive health initiatives, our preferred provider offers a range of group and personal benefits to boost wellbeing and combat the financial drain of ill health.


As an employer, you are required to automatically enrol all of your “jobholders” in a workplace pension scheme, and make minimum contributions. Our preferred provider can take care of all your pensions, ensuring you comply with legal requirements, while keeping an eye on your bottom line.