Absence Management

Tackling the problem of poor attendance

As an employer, you anticipate employees may need to take time off each year if they are ill, or for unexpected reasons. However, absences from work can have a major effect on productivity, finances and team morale. As well as paying statutory sick pay and other payments to absent employees, you need to cover the cost of temporary staff. Colleagues who have to “cover” the additional workloads may also become disgruntled and / or overworked. Managing absences effectively is critical for all these reasons.

absence management


How we help

Our flexible service means you can choose exactly the right level of support to manage absences, from phone advice to allowing us to manage the situation for you. We can:

Advise and guide you in dealing with absences so you feel confident in handling employees off work

Manage long-term absences for you, liaising with doctors and other agencies, and doing home visits if need be

Help tackle short-term absences to resolve them for you

Help you cultivate a healthy workplace environment where absenteeism is less likely to happen

Absence Management – Inaction makes things worse

There are many reasons why people stay off work, from injury and illness to bullying and harassment, stress and burnout, childcare or job hunting. Whatever the reason for the absence over a period of time it can become an increasing problem for you in managing the organisation.

Absence Management – The skills to find a solution

We bring a fair and professional approach to absenteeism. We help you implement proven strategies to monitor, control and reduce the problem. Our extensive experience in managing absences means we can see a way through even the most sensitive situations. We can step in to take on difficult cases of long-term absence, if necessary managing the employee’s departure from the business and terminating their employment in a way that is fair and legally sound.

Help to create an engaging workplace

There are steps you can take as an employer to help reduce some of the time lost to absence. These include treating employees in a fair and appropriate manner, recognising contributions made and providing performance reviews, addressing problems quickly and providing adequate resources to get the job done. We can help you improve your management style to inspire and motivate staff, and avoid the disengagement and low morale that can lead to absences.