Contracts, policy documents
and handbooks

Laying the foundations for effective HR

Clear and fair documentation is the bedrock of good HR practice. Without it, employees may be unsure about what’s expected of them at work and employers can run into difficulties when problems arise. We draw up HR contracts, policy documents and handbooks reflecting our in-depth understanding of potential HR issues, and with the benefit of up-to-the-minute legal knowledge from our sister company, Loch Employment Law. So if any issues do arise, your documentation provides a safe, legal basis to respond.

hr contracts


How we help

We get to know your organisation so we can draft the documentation that is right for you. Unlike other HR services that rely heavily on templates, all of our contracts, handbooks and policy documents are efficiently tailor-made to suit your business needs. We can:

Carry out an audit of your current documentation

Work quickly to flag up areas needing attention

Draw up contracts, policy documents and handbooks

Redraft and fine tune existing documentation


All employees are entitled to a legally binding contract, which sets out their rights and duties. Clearly written contracts are essential to protect your business in the event of a dispute. We see contracts as the first building block in a harmonious relationship between an organisation and its employees. Using clear language, we set out the terms of a fair agreement so that your employees feel they are supported and motivated to do well.

Policy documents

You may be clear about what your policies are, but your employees won’t be unless you spell them out. We provide clear and succinct policy documents covering key areas that are important to you, and remove grey areas where confusion can arise.

Employee handbooks

An employee handbook sets out set out your policies, procedures and expectations, clearing up confusion and avoiding conflict down the line. A well-written handbook is the foundation of a trusting, professional relationship between employer and employee. When poorly written, it can create hostility or even bind the organisation to promises it didn’t know it made. We draw on our extensive experience in HR to create thoughtfully worded, tailor-made employee handbooks, creating a structured work environment and helping build loyalty.

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