Managing Conduct
and Grievances

Stepping in to help solve problems and complaints

Successful organisations depend on the good conduct of their employees. However, there may be times when a person’s behaviour at work causes problems that need to be dealt with. Too much time spent on the internet, consistent lateness, failure to meet sales targets or an overbearing attitude with other staff and colleagues are examples of conduct that impacts negatively on your whole team. Of course, conduct is a two-way street, and there may also be times when an employee raises a complaint against you as an employer.



How we help

When there are issues with behaviour at work, or you need to manage a grievance, we are here to advise you on applying best practice in a commercial way, taking account of the pressures of your business environment. We can:

Provide you with helpful scripts and advice on how to run meetings

Ensure you have documentation in place that complies with legal requirements and best practice

Manage the process to make sure that it is properly documented

Run disciplinary or grievance meetings for you

Getting to the root of the problem

Conduct issues can range from minor cases of underperformance to serious threatening or hostile behaviour. As expert HR professionals, we know how to deal with the whole range of human conduct, and can help you address the issues that may underpin the problem.

Experience to manage conduct and complaints

With many years of experience in HR, we know the methods that have the best chance of turning a problematic situation around. A quiet word may be all that is required to resolve the issue, and we can brief your manager on this or we can do this for you. If the situation does require a disciplinary meeting, we can skilfully steer you through it, onsite or remotely. We take a professional, proactive approach to situations that may feel too personal to deal with. When an employee raises a complaint, we can support you in managing the process, stepping in to carry out any investigations or attend meetings.

Drawing on legal expertise

All our advice is underpinned by a sound knowledge of the latest developments in employment law, thanks to our close relationship with our sister company, Loch Employment Law. Where you have an employee who is firmly opposed to the organisation’s goals, we can act to protect your business interests, managing them out of the business if need be. If an employee wants to air a grievance, we can help you resolve the issue, supporting the employee while minimising risk and protecting your business.