Recruitment and Selection

Finding the people to help you prosper

As HR experts, we understand better than most that hiring the right people can have a huge impact on your business. Employees with the right skill set, who fit with the culture of your organisation create a happy and productive workplace. Mistakes at the hiring stage can lead to problems down the line, draining management time dealing with inadequate performance, grievances and absences. We provide advice and support to recruit the best staff for your business. Bringing our HR skills to bear on your selection process, we identify the best candidates to fit the culture of your organisation and help it thrive.



How we help

We help you clarify what type of people you are looking for and understand what sort of resource you need. We provide support and advice with solutions tailored to fit, depending on how much involvement you want to have in the hiring process. We can:

Deliver a shortlist of candidates

Manage the employee’s induction

Work with recruitment agencies or recruit direct on your behalf

Carry out psychometric testing

Provide interview support and guidance

Looking beyond the CV

HR Advise Me delivers candidates that will enhance your organisation, using robust recruitment processes to find out a person’s ability, aptitude and attitude. We recommend psychometric testing to provide invaluable insights into personality, decision-making style and culture fit, which are critical in all organisations. Our HR experts are trained to look beyond the CV to find people with the mindset to help your business flourish.

Happy employees from the word go

Our selection and recruitment service is part of a proactive approach to effective HR. We believe that prevention is better than cure, and employee problems can be avoided with the right approach to people management. Using our HR expertise during the selection, recruitment and induction process is a highly effective way to drive productivity. We find people who will work with your organisation, supporting your business goals. A well-managed start sets the right tone for a rewarding relationship and inspires ongoing loyalty.