HR skills to support you through change

Ever-changing environments mean that all organisations must adapt to be successful. When a business reorganisation involves redundancies, it presents a real challenge to all concerned. Employees may react with confusion and anxiety, and managers have to navigate their way through employment processes while bringing in operational changes. If handled poorly, a reorganisation can be costly and result in low staff morale. Done well, it results in a revived organisation with fully engaged staff in roles that fit the business.



How we help

With our HR expertise, we can advise and support you across all aspects of reorganisation, including:

Communications and documentation

Identifying critical posts and designing new job descriptions

Handling meetings including individual and group redundancy consultations

Communicating effectively

You can rely on us to ensure your communications meet your legal obligations in clear, easy to understand language. We can make announcements on your behalf or be onsite when you make them, supplying helpful scripts for you to follow. Delivering news of changes in organisational structure, employment policies, job descriptions and redundancies can be daunting. We can act as your HR team, providing well-worded documents and running face-to-face meetings with staff to give you some distance. If all you need is advice over the phone to steer you in the right direction, we can do that too.

Planning for the next phase

HR Advise Me helps you pull together the best team for your organisation’s future with professionalism, sensitivity and compliance with employment law. Our sister company, Loch Employment Law, can advise on the legal aspects, and we provide the practical support you need to implement changes. We can help you create fair selection pools of those at risk of redundancy and manage any exits effectively. With the help of HR Advise Me, you can benefit from the opportunity to create a streamlined, efficient operation going forward. We work with you to bring detail and clarity to new job descriptions and remuneration packages, creating roles that will be the drivers of a revived organisation.

Transferring business

When it comes to taking over contracts or new businesses, we can help you manage that as well. From advising on due diligence aspects of buying or selling, though to managing the transfer of staff to your organisation, we can assist in ensuring this happens seamlessly.

Managing reputations

In any business reorganisation, the remaining employees may be concerned and can become distrustful of their employer, management and their colleagues. Sudden departures can lead to other employees becoming unsettled and leaving. We help you retain the people you need through our support of the process together with benefits that may include training and promotion opportunities. We can also support all your recruitment efforts, including exploring options for employees that you have to let go. With skill and sensitivity, we help you come through a restructure with your reputation intact.