HR Training and Development

Inspiring people to advance your organisation

Targeted HR training and development makes sound business sense. Employees who improve their skills get better results, feel more valued and engaged in their work and remain loyal. Good staff retention means you can build on existing skills and knowledge, and avoid the time and expense of recruiting new staff and getting them up to speed. Management training powerfully enhances the overall performance of an organisation, as it positively impacts the whole team.

hr training and development


How we help

HR Advise Me delivers tailor-made solutions that are engaging, inspiring and easy to put into action. In a format to suit you, from team workshops to management seminars and one-to-one coaching, we cover the full spectrum, including:

First Line Manager Training

Dealing with difficult people at work

Interview skills

Managing workplace relationships

Appropriate conduct in the workplace

Equality and diversity

Managing conflict

Presentation skills

Communicating with impact

Team building

Appraisals and performance management


A perfect fit

We work with you to pinpoint areas where your organisation would benefit from training and development. Sometimes these needs become clear through other work we do with clients, such as sitting in on appraisal meetings, and sometimes the client already has a clear idea of what they want. Once we know what you need to achieve, we draw up a detailed training proposal and pricing structure, so that the end solution is a perfect fit in terms of content, time and cost. From basic software training to bespoke management development programmes, we deliver effective training that helps your organisation grow.

Going the extra mile

HR Advise Me works hard to make sure that our HR training and development solutions are aligned with the goals of both your business and employees. We see training and coaching as part of an ongoing process of effective HR, and are happy to provide support around sessions and seminars to make sure they really work. We are on hand to answer any queries, both before and after the events. Our business grows through referrals and we go the extra mile to make sure our training enhances productivity so that our clients are satisfied.